Belá 1, 943 53, Slovakia

In case of a persistent unfavorable epidemiological situation, the stay will be organized on another (alternative) date.

We would like to invite you with the trio of instructors for the sixth time to the beautiful Château Béla, where you will feel at home thanks to the friendly and helpful staff. Do not consider where in Slovakia anymore, because a yoga stays at Château Béla brings you a break from the daily hustle and bustle, strengthening the body and all this in a place where luxury and tradition meet. In addition to exercise and meditation, you can also enjoy great wines in the stylish bar.

Sit in the lotus flower, close your eyes and immerse yourself.

You will practice indoors, but in good weather, you can enjoy yoga in the fresh air surrounded by greenery. Yoga positions will focus primarily on a healthy spine and simple relaxation techniques that will prepare our body for the next period. At the end of your stay, you will be able to practice a set at home that will help your spine - preventive and rehabilitative. The stay is also suitable for prevention against stress. Escape from the hectic world to peace and quiet, let yourself be pampered with us. Three instructors will take part in the stay, which is a guarantee for you of a perfect tasting of various yoga styles

PRICE: 240,00 €/ price of stay for 1 person

The price includes accommodation for 2 nights in a double room (possibility of a single room for extra charge 70,00 €), 5 yoga lessons, healthy food (half pension), usage of sauna and steam bath, outside swimming pool, fitness center, hotel cinema.

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Reservation is required in advance, by phone at + 421-36-7577-600, + 421-905-502-345 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monika Skokanová
Yoga came to me in 2011 when I bought a DVD of Fredy Ayisi's My Life with Yoga and I gradually discovered that yoga is becoming a natural part of my life. Yoga has helped me and still helps me to get to know myself and the world around me better. I devote myself to traditional hatha yoga, which also includes working with the breath, purification techniques, and following certain moral and ethical codes.

Tamara Tóth
For the first time, I was curious about yoga as to why millions of people around the world approach mats. For me, it was love for the first Shavasan. A few months after my very first yoga, I took an intensive yoga instructor course and started leading my classes. I lead Hatha yoga and gentle Flow yoga, Mohenjodaro - tantric yoga for women. I always try to bring something new to my lessons. I like to diversify relaxation by singing mantras and I am still educating myself both in the field of yoga and in terms of personality and spirituality.

Branislav Pongrác
Branislav's style is based mainly on the Slovak method called Balance of Movement and on the traditional Hatha yoga, which he practiced in Thailand and India. He will show us his perception of yoga as a conscious movement. Realizing how we move through life, what and why happens to us is an important skill to live a prudent and peaceful life. For Branislav, it also means living in harmony with Nature and the Universe as a whole.

Validity 8. - 10. October 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!

+421-36-7577-600, +421-905-502-345, reception@chateau-bela.com