Working at Château Béla is special. Unlike a hotel, restaurant or cruiseliner, the historical heritage of the Château and the feel of living in the country side are unique, tranquil and rewarding. Working at the Château is not just a job, its a live style which will enhance a professional career while offering a base for a stable and healthy personal life.

Compensation is offered on the basis of a structured salary scale plus an incentive which is based on personal performance and development.

The Château welcomes open applications by young catering college graduates as well as senior hospitality professionals who wish to become part of the Château Béla current and future development.

A prerequisite for all positions at the Château is that candidates speak the regions' languages fluently, which are Slovak and Hungarian. Positions which require contact with the Château's guests require foreign language capabilities, in English or in German. Qualifications and experience appreciated by the Château are a catering or economical education, a humble and humane approach to our team and our guests, a healty sense of curiosity as well as a number of years experience gained by working, studying and/or living in another country.

Applications are treated in confidence. Château Béla is an equal opportunities employer. Please contact the Château's Director directly by e-mail for an open application.